Wedding cake equality II

I already pondered a lesbian wedding cake topped with two bride-ducks, but now that homosexual marriage is legal in California, I find more to baffle me.

I guess I thought gay men had impeccable taste, which is why you might want one for a best friend or as Sarah Bird writes in Salon, “a son who would tell me that the bias cut emphasized my saddlebag thighs …  that the tiniest bit of white on the upper lids would open up my eyes and make me look 10 years younger.”  So why is a French bulldog’s smashed visage marring the otherwise lovely confection above?

The cake above looks familiar … like maybe it’s the setting for a Disney princess movie in which Cinderella ends up with Drizella — an ending some have always known Disney was covertly pushing.

And is the rainbow of buttercream flowers spilling over this cake a bit garish?  Maybe it’s me.

~ by stultiloquence on June 26, 2008.

One Response to “Wedding cake equality II”

  1. I think dessert has become the next big thing at weddings. Everyone has to be suuuper creative and come up with something amazing. It’s just flour and water and lots of sugar.
    I decided if I’m marrying a man before I even have a graduate degree I should buck tradition in some way, so I’m not even having a cake.

    A big group of ladies threw a double shower for me and another girl who just got married. They had a little cake catered but the people who made the cake didn’t know how to put two brides on it in a way that didn’t look like two girls were actually marrying each other. So I almost had a wedding cake equality moment for you, but the sensible midwest baker with a conservative conscience cleared that problem up.

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