I try to think about childbirth as little as possible.  I’m happy to make babies.  I’m happy to raise babies.  But actually pushing babies out of my body sounds as jolly as a picnic in Guantanamo Bay.

Other people seem to enjoy it however, so much so that they share all their childbirth pictures on Facebook, where I’m compelled to look through them since they’re sitting right there and I have lots more pressing matters I’d rather not tend to.

I’m ambivalent about this practice (and of course it’s a matter on which one should take a firm stand).  Pictures of clean and dry babies in the arms of beatific mothers are one thing.  (All for it!)  But pictures of slime-covered babies with their umbilical cords dangling and tiny dicks waving may be another.  On the one hand, I’m devoted to technology and will surely blog eloquently about my child’s first hiccup.  On the other hand, I know newborns who have their own Facebook accounts and are tagged in 500 more pictures than I am.

I’m imagining these newborns 13 years from now, suddenly finding their prepubescent young friends making comments on all of the bath shots their mom tagged 10 years ago.  I willingly put my life on the web for all to see, but if these tiny beings had a voice they might ask their mommies not to record every diaper change for posterity.  Everyone’s a celebrity now, and as any tween star could inform you, nude internet pictures can be difficult for celebrities to erase.

~ by stultiloquence on June 25, 2008.

One Response to “Mama-razzi”

  1. I think this was a very fabulous post. I agree with it entirely.

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