My Lysol Cloud Epiphany

Adulthood means scrubbing a toilet of your own free will.

This epiphany came to me as I stooped on my knees scrubbing months worth of gunk from my first real apartment, after I realized that this was the very first time in my life I’d taken Lysol in hand and cleaned a bathroom without anyone pressuring me to do so.

I’ve cleaned toilets under parental duress and at housemate urgings. I’ve applied my roommate’s toxic homemade bleach cocktail to bathtubs before room inspections while my brain cells slowly choked from the fumes and died. But this was the first time I’d seen something dirty, said “This is my job because this is my home,” and cleaned it without anyone suggesting I do so.

There’s a moment when adulthood hits you and you realize that you have, for perhaps the first time in your life, made a mature, adult decision with no external coercion at all. For those who clean toilets freely and embrace responsibility at a tender age, the moment may be different, and it may come before the age of 23 and sooner than a year after graduating from college. …

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~ by stultiloquence on June 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “My Lysol Cloud Epiphany”

  1. I personally prefer the Joy of Cooking, but then again, I can deal with no pictures, if I get a killer creme brulee recipe out of the trade.

    P.S. Quinoa is gross. Seriously. I actually have some in my fridge right now, and there is nothing really great, grown-up, or responsible about it. It’s just “all natural” crap for granola-esque people who don’t care about the taste of what they’re eating.

  2. But what IS it? I couldn’t tell if it was grain or vegetable or cheese or what.

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