i (don’t) <3 u … ;-)

Nevada governor Jim Gibbons finds himself caught up in a controversy that captures the nuances of political scandal in a modern age. The governor, whose marriage is in disrepair, used his state-owned cell phone to send 867 text messages over several weeks to a woman he claims is just a friend and his wife claims is their source of disunion. Sadly, the state cell phone plan does not cover texting, so the governor footed a $130 texting bill.

My first question: Exactly how many text messages add up to “infatuation”? If he had sent only 433 texts over one month (an average of 14.4 texts per day) could he legitimately claim they were really “just friends”? The governor said text topics ranged from matters of state to her kids to “what was the latest issue with her dog.” Is discussing a child more intimate than discussing a dog? If he sent 652 dog-related messages and only 215 child-related messages, could he still say they were only friends? Or do dog-related messages reveal a knowledge of the mundanities of someone’s everyday life that clearly signals a far-more-than-casual intimacy? Should a serious examination take emoticons into account?

My second question: What kind of state cell phone plan does not cover texting?

~ by stultiloquence on June 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “i (don’t) <3 u … ;-)”

  1. to answer your second question: my cell phone plan doesn’t have texting included. not to worry – the plan expires 11 days after my current last name so I’m getting a totally new one and unlimited texting is my first priority. so maybe the nevada governor is now an embarassed and disgruntled nextel user.

  2. no, i understand. my mom allows us very few text messages. if i sent anyone 867 messages my mom would be pissed, which is why i should start paying my own phone bill.

  3. I don’t believe in texting. I’m a Christian.

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