Wedding cake equality

This is — unsurprisingly — a lesbian wedding cake. Eschewing all discussion of the theology or the politics involved, I find the cake a little baffling. Is this a Political Statement Cake? If so, do the lesbian bridal-ducks diminish the gravitas of the political statement? If this is a Sappy-Adorable cake, are ducks the best choice to clad in a bridal gown? Have I wrongly assumed that ducks are sort of awkward animals? If you were a lesbian, toiling for the right to marry and putting your pastor in danger of church discipline for performing the ceremony, would you strive to make your wedding cake a confectionary monument to tower over all heterosexual cakes that have come before, or would you not care if it was kind of tacky?

Straight bridezillas, feel free to weigh in.

~ by stultiloquence on April 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “Wedding cake equality”

  1. It’s the eyelashes that are throwing me.

  2. also, this appears to be a boring [if not slightly chalky in consistency] sheet cake from wal-mart where you buy your own tube of frosting and write your own words on there. maybe they’re just really thrifty?

  3. This might be making a statement about homosexual parents, since rubber duckys are a childhood bathtime staple.

    Or it could offer further proof to the fundy’s who believe all lesbians are quacks.

    I am all about equality in marriage. Hopefully I can express this in ways other than duck decor on a wedding cake. (Aaron would probably be thrilled with that – his senior project was analyzing duck wings.)

  4. Ducks are awkward, however, that may not be a detraction for various couples. Maybe there is some elegance I can’t see in the way they waddle and quack…

  5. If you click on the automatically generated related post, you’ll see another kind of tacky lesbian wedding cake. Marcy and Peppermint Patty holding hands? WTF?

  6. You guys are missing the obvious. The lesbian couple go to the University of Oregon and are die hard Ducks fans.

  7. […] cake equality II I already pondered a lesbian wedding cake topped with two bride-ducks, but now that homosexual marriage is legal in California, I find more to baffle […]

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