McClinton? More like McFibber

In the Washington Post*, Charlotte Allen wonders if women aren’t the stupid sex, “our brains permanently occluded by random emotions, psychosomatic flailings and distraction by the superficial.” In one mean swoop Allen derides Obama-girls, Oprah fans, Eat, Pray, Love, chick-lit, soaps, and female drivers.

But the most offensive claim she makes is that Hillary Clinton loves Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, Hillary Clinton gushed to, “At the end of a long week I could get my papers together and kind of kick back and watch, and I got all involved in everybody’s life on that show!” She asserts that she and Bill TiVo the show and then watch it together. I for one don’t believe it.

First, can you imagine the tension every time someone gets it on with an intern?

Second, Clinton seems unable or unwilling to take a strong stand on the show. The Watcher writes, “ So where does Clinton come down on the whole George and Izzie relationship? No word on that yet.” How can Clinton claim to be “all involved in everybody’s life” and have “no comment” on the fact that George is cheating on Callie to form an obviously doomed relationship with his soon-to-be-ex-best-friend? Is she afraid that taking a stand will alienate either the pro or anti-Gizzie contingent?

Third, an investigation reveals some serious flip-flops. Hillary’s Facebook profile makes no mention of Grey’s Anatomy in her Favorite TV Shows — only American Idol. Grey’s Anatomy is noticeably absent from her MySpace page as well.

This is offensive to me, since I can only conclude that Clinton is exploiting Grey’s Anatomy fans in an attempt to appear human and woo female hearts from Obama. Please prove we’re not “the stupid sex,” and see through the charade.

*(HT: Jacob Douvier)


~ by stultiloquence on March 3, 2008.

9 Responses to “McClinton? More like McFibber”

  1. I love you, and this post is just one reminder of why. I hope you can come this semester.

    The intern thing really gets to me, too.

  2. Hmm….hat tips?

  3. You’re shallow.

  4. Sorry! Hat tip to Jacob.

    David, you are so right. Are you judging me?

  5. Thank you. I know feel that my existence has been affirmed. I have such a fragile ego, you know…

  6. Once I walked in on Jared watching Grey’s Anatomy. It was one of those defining moments of our friendship. I politely informed him that he was acting like a chick; he stopped; we were able to stay friends.

  7. James lots of men love Grey’s Anatomy. (I think I made that up.)

  8. This man doesn’t watch it. The closest I get is Scrubs.

  9. Look, here’s proof: Guy’s Guide to Grey’s Anatomy.

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