Hope is so hot right now

Let me preface this by saying that I carried pro-life signs while in diapers and went to Republican State Conventions for kicks as an awkward teen. My younger siblings led the Pledge of Allegiance at a 2004 George W. Bush rally, my father has a framed picture of Dubya shaking his hand … And I have a crush on Obama.

No, I don’t give a damn about his supposedly socialist policies. Like everyone else, I don’t know what they are. It’s his words that undo me, and I don’t think it’s wrong that they do.

Words awe me. I know how impossible it is to make them do what you want them to and how powerful they can be when someone with vision and genius puts them together. You can’t just order inspiration. Powerful oratory doesn’t just happen. That’s why I’m in awe of Obama.

Look beyond the plagiarism nonsense. He’s making a good point beautifully: “Don’t tell me words don’t matter.” If they don’t, my whole vocation is a little pointless.

And I know you all will labor to enlighten me that all these lovely words should come with bullet points on policy. But why do people say that talking about unity and hope is talking about nothing at all? These are the biggest, most important themes. Policy minutiae doesn’t stir the human soul, or at least not this irrational, illogically emotional one.

Oh, and before you all devastate me with your logic, you might as well spare me the “So you’re Obama Girl!” wisecracks.

Of course I’m Obama Girl. We all knew those boobs were totally fake.


~ by stultiloquence on February 21, 2008.

12 Responses to “Hope is so hot right now”

  1. More on “hope.”



  2. I shook John Ashcroft’s hand during his final campaign before loosing to a dead guy, and I shook Mitt’s hand after graduation….does that count?

    The sophists come to mind. They disgraced words by not arguing for what was True, Good and Beautiful. It is not by the rhetoric with which his words are clothed that we should judge a man, but the content of their character (it’s february). Words for their own sake can be a fun thing, but are words really an end in themselves and can they ever be divorced from meaning? Communicators are called great when they have something great worth communicating.

  3. “Communicators are called great when they have something great worth communicating.” Yes, but my point is that hope and unity ARE worth communicating and they do have meaning. Why do people think that policy details are the only thing worth communicating? And why should we think he has bad character? Of the three people left in this race (and no I’m no longer counting Huckabee) Obama’s by far the least tainted.

    Dawn says this post is cheesy and my love for words is overweening. Sorry everyone. Feel free to mock me.

  4. The following is not sarcastic or mocking in the least, though it may seem so for a moment: I would be most likely to vote for Obama if he recited poems instead of speeches – so long as he also offered something vaguely similar to an outline of political ideas / planned policy to the public. Campaign promises are mostly lies anyway, right? So why bother making them when you could be reading poetry (involving big ideas like hope and unity) and impressing me with your wordplay?

  5. My sister went to a Green Party rally. I’m pretty sure they quoted poetry before they had veggie burgers. Maybe I’ll send you her account so you can publish it.

  6. I am a hopeless political science major who attends Hillsdale college. Here goes:
    True, Obama is a master word smith. You’re right words matter. If anything matters it’s words. Why do they matter? Because of the ideas they represent. So, Obama’s words (excellently crafted and delivered with charisma and force) are verbal representations of his beliefs. From what I can tell he believes in unity and hope. Both are good things, but not in and of themselves. Unity for its own sake is conformity. In the same way hope is not an end unto itself. One places hope in something. Obama’s hope seems to be a hope for a better future. The only way you create the future is through action. Read that “policies.” I’m not going to ramble about his platform; a Google search can suffice.

  7. So if you can Google his policies why does it matter that he doesn’t always mention them in his speeches? I know this sounds dumb, but seriously why not?

  8. I probably will be scared to death if Obama is elected, but I plan to comfort myself by taping his State of the Union addresses and listening to them before I write papers, give speeches, and fight epic battles.

    Obama has optimism, hope, and vision of a unified America. Sounds like somebody of whom I am a baby, according to my friend Hans (that’s Reagan, for those outside the ‘dale grapevine). Reagan’s charisma, energy, and dedication helped rush the Cold War to an end, helped reinvigorate a stagnating and pessimistic nation, made people believe that America could be a force for good after two decades of self-condemnation and introspective despair on a national scale.

    Obama may very well be our generation’s electrifying, magnetic, and big-hearted leader, the definitive statesman of an era. He is charismatic and, I firmly believe, genuine. He’s energetic, and he actually believes what he says.

    Which scares the hell out of me. The very thing that makes him so JFK-appealing is the very thing that makes me quiver… he really believes he’s the tool to implement the kingdom of God. He really will try to pull us fully and immediately out of Iraq just when there may be a light at the end of a bloody, violent, and tragic tunnel. And he really believes that’s the best option for the Iraqis and us, like he probably believes that pulling out of Vietnam was the best option for the Vietnamese and us. And, I will say, his record reveals him as the most vehement defender of abortion on the national political stage today — and he’ll possibly appoint three justices.

    Where will a false hope take us? And what is the cost of unifying for the wrong cause?

  9. Yay for Mark! You said what I had in mind, but ever-so-much longer, except I don’t have as strong of an opinion about when we should get out of Iraq.

  10. *sigh*

    I always fall for the wrong guy.

  11. Actually, you should fall in love with Obama’s speechwriter and vote for the guy who will appoint better judges.

  12. […] ball politics Well, I’m cured of my crush on Obama. Snidely put, the man can’t bowl. At an alley in Altoona, Pennsylvania, he bowled ten frames […]

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