Against the Anti-Valentine

I have no love for people who hate on Valentine’s Day. No love for the weepy singles who assuage their unhappiness by increasing everyone else’s, no love for the feminists who decide not to need men because they’re too plain to get them, and a great deal of venom for the anti-Valentine Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

There’s an international war on the mingling of the sexes — in Saudi Arabia, in Kuwait, in India and in Bentonville, Arkansas. Overly-religious enthusiasts are dissing V-Day as a “shameless festival” and a holiday “spreading moral corruption.” Vice squads are stripping Saudi Arabia of all things scarlet, and anti-love activists will “swoop upon young lovers found walking hand in hand.”

You eat your vegetables because children are starving in Africa. You celebrate Valentine’s Day because in far-off lands, there are people who have to buy red roses on the black market and travel to Bahrain for romantic dinners.

If you refuse to exercise your rights, you lose them. Make love, not war. Happy Valentine’s Day.


~ by stultiloquence on February 13, 2008.

9 Responses to “Against the Anti-Valentine”

  1. i don’t understand valentine’s day haters either. more love in the world is always a good thing. i’ll even try not whine about saga pda.

  2. I’m blandly indifferent to Valentine’s Day.

    …but I am outraged that SAB is showing that godless debauched exposé of emotional pornography, The Notebook. It’d be like showing The Last Temptation of Christ on Good Friday or a Black Panther agit-prop video on MLK Day.

  3. Agreed. Watching the Notebook is a HORRIBLE idea for anyone who has nothing better to do on Valentine’s Day. The first time I watched the Notebook I happened to be ebbing at an emotional low. I cried uncontrollably for hours.

  4. You are wrong. V-Day has nothing to do about love. It only has to do with roses. If we didnt have V-Day, we wouldn’t have to worry about those poor Arabians being sucked into such a scam. To think that they are dying for corporatism! Oh my, what has become of our western influence? I say support for V-day = support for The Notebook. Love the world, not just one other person for one day.

  5. Sean,

    I feel for you and I agree — love the world, not just one other person for one day. But I feel bound to point out that Saudis frown on love in general and that romance flourishes only despite their best efforts to crush it. Also, corporatism is not a word.


  6. Valentine’s Day is great because I get to make an absurdly violent Valentine’s Day card for someone who appreciates it.

    Hurrah for bloody Valentines!

  7. I got more valentines from other men (like Ian F. and Sean M.) than I did from the Fi. They promised to love me and be there for me when he failed. I hope James and Aaron ripped their sorry bodies to shreds. Like James said: “We’re good at two things: Kicking … and chewing bubble gum. And we’re all out of gum.”

    So maybe too much love creates some violence. I don’t know. It’s a possibility.

    The Notebook is emotional pornography. It is a violent attack on feminine emotion. And on another note, the parts of the movie that garned the pg-13 rating were scandalous enough that I thought it was rated R when I watched it the first (and only) time. So it kind of is mildly pornographic.

    This article reminds me that some sects of homeschool families are much like the militant muslims of Saudi Arabia, which is something I have always known.

  8. This Notebook movie seems to be incredibly powerful somehow. People are always telling me how wonderful it is or talking about it as emotionally offensive.

    (Re: Abby) Physical violence isn’t the only kind, and attacks made upon character and honor can be just as damaging. So perhaps love is not spawning violence after all, but merely protecting as best it can.

  9. so what if it is a corporate holiday? i say it’s probably one of the more justifiable capitalist ways to make money. hallmark, you are cheesy, but i don’t mind. you added a little more love the world, you employ a lot of bad poets who couldn’t work anywhere else, and you probably have a corporate charity.
    seriously, february is so dreary. everybody needs roses!

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