Super Bowl XLII: Who’s hotter?

Now that we’re dispensed with all the hoopla over who has the better team, I think it’s not too late to ponder a deeper question. Who’s hotter?

Tom Brady?


Or Eli Manning?


I’m torn. I would say Tom Brady, but I think trophies add to a guy’s sex appeal. (Also, I live in New York and it might not be safe.)


~ by stultiloquence on February 5, 2008.

15 Responses to “Super Bowl XLII: Who’s hotter?”

  1. Go to my site and check on Eli with the trophy!

  2. I think a guy’s personal life can destroy his sex appeal. Brady’s leaves his women barefoot and pregnant without a hint of remorse. Not hot.

  3. Oh, shootness. I suck at copy editing before 7am.

  4. i think that you should clarify “trophies,” because a lot of NCFCA guys out there are getting excited. i’m guessing you only mean super bowl trophies. or oscars.

  5. Thank you for that, Emily. Yes, I mean Super Bowl trophies. Or Oscars. Or hunting trophies, if they are really big.

  6. Eli Manning looks like he has TMJ.

  7. I would have to say that although Brady looks like a real hott stud and Manning looks a little like a 12-year-old, Manning is the one with awesome hair and Tom…well, Tom has a neck beard. Enough said.

  8. Well, Tom Brady is a lot “hotter.” He has the male version of the sultry supermodel pout. But Eli looks nicer and cuter (in the “aw, he’s so sweet” sense) and is thus more appealing.

  9. Swaagh — you don’t think the scruff is kind of sexy?

  10. neck beards are… ridiculously unattractive, to say the least.

  11. Oh COME ON, people!

  12. Sexy = ridiculously unattractive.
    “aw, he’s so sweet” = TMJ
    hott stud = less appealing

    The feminine mind is a fascinating labyrinth.

    By the by, Eli might have the current trophy, but ole Tom’s got three. And if you want a boy whose probably gonna win in the future, Brady or the elder and goofier Manning is your boy.

    My vote is for Gisele.

  13. tom brady.

  14. Wow, Mark’s logic is devastating. I’m certainly devastated that trophies don’t always come with supermodel looks attached.

  15. Eli Manning is the hottest man on the planet. I would turn gay for Eli if he would have me. Tom Brady is ugly…. His chin is horrible looking and he has a fat ass. Eli is obviously the better quarterback because he won the superbowl.

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