Out of the office

When the doorbell rang at 3:30 PM, I realized two things: 1) I had a meeting at 3:30 PM, and 2) I had not bothered to dress.

As I’ve earlier noted, conducting telephone interviews while wearing a towel is one of the blessings of working from home. One of the curses is having no motivation to wear more than a towel … or in this case, more than a pair of pajama shorts and a disintegrating Speech and Debate shirt from sophomore year.

There was nothing to do but open the door with as much poise as possible, recall that the last time I had a meeting with this particular person I was wearing the same set of pajamas, and claim that I do get dressed sometimes.

Working from home has its challenges. I ache for office gossip since I’ve never met most of my co-workers, who seem aged and disappointingly stable. There are no office politics to brighten my day, no bosses to direct my every move, no sexual harassment to lend a little variation to my week.

But the biggest challenge is that beneath my occasionally polished veneer I’m a miserable slob. Also, I have an attention span approximately 2.5 minutes long, and surfing YouTube is part of my job.

People ask how I do it. It helps to have roommates whose disgust checks one’s devolvement back into apehood. Once I spent several days without them and ended up gorging myself and forming addictions to new television shows instead of writing a story about an agency with a very long name. (I’d tell you how many hours I spent losing brain cells to Chuck, but I’d have to drop you off the top of the Empire State Building.)

But I really should leave. You may think it’s because I just got a haircut with a fringe bang and realized I have a web-cam, but it’s really because I am writing about another agency with a very long name and must attend to reportorial duties.

Actually, it’s because taking a picture would mean getting dressed and cleaning my room. See you on Facebook.


~ by stultiloquence on February 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Out of the office”

  1. i’ll bet your $$$ haircut made you look really professional.
    maybe you could just buy cuter pajamas.

  2. Courtesy of Sean courtesy of Pascal:


  3. I sit in my dorm room with a short bathrobe on and a towel wrapped around my head. Turban-style. At 6:00 pm. And I am proud of myself for showering. No shame. No shame.

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