Holy Huckabee


This is a picture of Huckabee signing a child’s Bible.

Here is another picture of Huckabee signing a Bible. If you look closely, you can see Jerry Falwell’s autograph, too.


Am I the only one who finds this a little bit twisted?


~ by stultiloquence on January 21, 2008.

13 Responses to “Holy Huckabee”

  1. I think the woman crouching bellow the child’s bible is pretty creepy…. by the way- who the hell gets the word of God signed by some guy?

  2. Someday it will be on ebay.

  3. I never knew that bibles came with autograph pages for signatures of your favorite ministers/preachers/prophets. I wonder if they’ve also done the boy a ‘favor’ by highlighting all the passages about fire and brimstone or crossing out the passages of love and forgiveness.

  4. C’mon….I have Mitt Romney’s autograph on the inside of my Bible cover. Don’t you?

  5. The whole thing makes me go “eek”

  6. Jacob – no, I have Ron Paul’s autograph on the inside of my Holy Book. Because Ron Paul is God and Mitt Romney probably sucks babies’ blood in weird cultic rituals, right?

  7. twisted? Sure, if you think a cult of personality is a bad thing. But what if they put a bible verse under their signature, then how would you feel?

    Our society rewards celebrity, see Paris Hilton for further confirmation.

    al sends

  8. the woman below Huckabee’s Bible Belt…what’s she looking at anyway?

  9. jerrster -HA!

  10. I think this is even more strange than the woman who made sure her six month old baby got pictures with all the candidates.
    It kind of reminds me of the Derek Webb song “New Law,” with the mildly sarcastic and pointed lyrics “don’t teach me about politics and government, just tell me who to vote for / don’t teach me about truth and beauty, just label my music.”

  11. Thank goodness he’s slipping in the poles.

  12. and here I always thought those pages were for family history and coffee stains.

    Boy was I wrong,

    I think I’ll have Obama sign mine, his church is right down the street from my aunt’s house, maybe I can get him to buy a Holy Rollers Bake Sale Cookie, too.

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