Why the geeks get the girls

Dear Stultiloquence,

I find myself shamelessly attracted whenever a man talks about his intricate love for fiction. It happened recently, and I’m not exactly sure what to do. Throw myself into his Papist arms and plan for hours upon hours of family read-a-louds to our ever expanding brood? Or take courage from a dear friend and pursue my quest of following in the footsteps of female genius? Is it kind of sad that moderate attractiveness + love of fiction = Brad Pittness to me?

Please advise if you have similar struggles and cures for lovesickness.

Lovesick for Lit


Dear Sick,

Take heart. You’re not alone in your burning for boys with brains. In fact, I just spent far more time than I would care to admit watching NBC’s cute new Nerd Herder and brushing up on my video game terminology. (WOOT: \`wüt \ – exclamation 1. acronym coined by online video gamers, “We Own the Other Team!”). Sick, geeks are so hot right now!

This may reflect cultural changes. (Technology is suddenly sexy. Information is currently hip.) But it may also reflect a change in you. I’m not talking about last-semester senior desperation. I’m talking about having the maturity to recognize that intelligence and a purpose in life trumps empty-headed good looks. I think big brains are sexy. Another lovely young hottie recently confessed that in high school it was all about big, buff and beautiful, but now, “I like boys who make straight A’s.”

It’s also all about boys doing something worthwhile with their big brains, like saving the world or loving fiction. We fall for guys with a direction in life and the passion to get there.

So my advice, dear Sick, is to chase the lit-lover in question. If his Papist leanings prove an insurmountable obstacle, there is always Geek2Geek.com: Where it’s ok to be who you really are. (Keywords: Protestant, literature.)

Best of luck in your quest for a geeky soulmate,


~ by stultiloquence on January 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “Why the geeks get the girls”

  1. Writing a letter to yourself and responding to it has to be a cry for help.

  2. This was NOT a letter to myself! Someone actually wrote me this and I was protecting their anonymity! I’m kind of offended.

  3. Props. I hope this turns into a regular feature on your blog.

  4. i have to confess. i am over jim halpert. chuck bartkowski from the show “chuck” has stolen my heart. hot nerds forever!

  5. Jacob – I guess it could be if desperate girls (or boys) send me more letters. Anyone can feel free: stultiloquence.wordpress@gmail.com.

  6. Emily – I have to confess I TOTALLY prefer Chuck’s little friend Morgan. Also I hear all Zachary Levi does in real life is play video games. Actually sounds kind of pathetic. I think he needs a girlfriend.

  7. Yeah, but Dr. Pytel has met him! And she says he’s really hot in real life, and we all know that’s pretty much what matters to me. If i wanted anybody off Geeks2Geeks I’d have to play video games, anyway. [believe me, i checked. there were like two pretty hot guys on there, but both atheists, which is only slightly worse than Catholic in my Dad’s eyes.]

    Morgan does seem pretty sincere. Maybe I could be Ellie and end up with an Awesome all to my own little self?

  8. Yeah, Captain Awesome wouldn’t be bad. He’s a doctor so he’s smart, right? How did Dr. Pytel meet Zachary Levi?

  9. […] the geeks get the girls Geeks are like the knight in shining armor to today’s damsel in distress, but they take the “charm” out of Prince […]

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