No Pants 2k8 Day

I’ve been trying to find a graceful way to start blogging again after the scarring debacle that followed my last post. Lacking gracefulness, guess what you (and I) missed last Saturday: No Pants 2k8 Day!

I’d like to claim that I was there, sans pants, with my little reporter’s notebook in hand and my little reporter cam capturing the excitement of this cultural celebration of pantslessness for you. But the honest truth is that it wasn’t worth shaving my legs. Also, all of the rules stripped the fun out of it. (No thongs? Give me a break.)

I do know that not everyone thought No Pants 2k8 Day was cool. One commentor sniffed, “Only in a society filled with such meaninglessness can such inanity take on cultural significance. Are we so starved for collective catharsis, for meaning, that we need to gather with our peers and take our pants off in public?” I would counter, “No. Only in a society chained by as many small threads as make up our Dockers. Only in a society starved for the true equality that comes when everyone throws off their Guess jeans and strips to their near birthday suits.” Naturally.

It’s not too late for any of us, of course, to buy granny panties and respectable boxers and take a firm stand. I suggest that Hillsdale College hold a No Pants Day next Saturday. You could gather in the ‘Cock and move through Moss and Saga in a collective, solemn, equal, liberated, pantsless crowd. I’ll shave my legs, hop on a plane and drop by to join you.

See you at No Pants 2k8 II Day.


~ by stultiloquence on January 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “No Pants 2k8 Day”

  1. Not to be outdone by [new york, london, austin, insert any other city name], Portland also had a no pants party on the public transportation. I was too busy BUYING pants at the ridiculous banana republic sale to participate.

  2. I just writhed in envy.

  3. No pants day (the one I have always celebrated) has always been the first friday of May. Our fraternity runs a clothing drive during it. I think i may be in charge this year

  4. I’ll proudly wear granny pants and shave my legs if it would guarantee seeing you this saturday…

  5. Bethany, do you think this might be an occasion that calls for genuinely tiny knickers?

    Chet, apparently there is more than one No Pants Day! How encouraging!

  6. Perhaps “No Pants” has already come to Hillsdale… I believe the “men” of Galloway dorm have been participating in such events every time they are in certain areas of the residence, not limiting themselves to such constricting rules as days or specific times.

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