The Legend of the Angel and the Christmas Tree

Have you ever heard the story of why we place an angel atop our Christmas tree?

Once upon a time, many Christmas eves ago, Santa Claus was running late. It was so bitterly cold that Santa’s long underwear froze on the clothes line. The elves were whining for Christmas bonuses, Rudolph had lost the directions, Mrs. Claus was once again drunk on peppermint schnapps, and Santa had a little case of the Christmas “bah humbugs!”

He was finally loading the sleigh when a beautiful little angel floated in. A halo rested upon her golden curls and she had a Christmas tree snuggled under her arm.

“Santa,” she said, with a smile like a Christmas star. “Where would you like me to put this?”

Thanks to Dr. Reist, who first shared this legend.


~ by stultiloquence on December 25, 2007.

11 Responses to “The Legend of the Angel and the Christmas Tree”

  1. I love Dr. Reist. My mother was appalled when I told her this as we decorated the tree.

  2. You seem to appall your mother quite a bit. I love Dr. Reist too, even if he is sort of sexist. Kinky Christians have more fun!

  3. Reist is a legend.

  4. Sort of? I feel like Susan B Anthony by comparison.

  5. Ha. Love the story. Kinda feel OK with the no-more Dr. R. thing, though.

  6. I think Dr. Reist is a sexist in theory but not in practice. He feigns a lot of outrage over feminism but he never really demeans you.

  7. Dr. Reist is a doll.

  8. I think he told that joke the second day of class. I was forever scarred…

  9. Who is Dr. Reist??!

  10. Mark, I didn’t know your old man read this blog! Maybe you can explain Dr. Reist to him.

  11. He doesn’t, but I sent him this, as I figured he’s appreciate it. I’m sure he did.

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