Dear Friends:

Merry Christmas from my family, who does not believe in sending Christmas cards! This year we witnessed much joy, a good many tears (chalk it up to the estrogen) and some epochal changes. But through it all, the outstanding accomplishments and magnetic personalities of our beautiful family stayed strong!

Stultiloquence, 23, has arrived. She is a high-powered journalist who sits around in her pajamas all day.

Dawn, 21, is a paragon of virtue and beauty. She specializes in sage advice that is always ignored.

Sarah, 19, is an enthusiastic freshman with a concentration in socialization. She is deeply involved in the New Mexico judicial system. This week she had her first court date!

Aaron, 17, accompanied Sarah to court as her material witness. He is a sharp little tack who has begun to speak after four years of silence.

Lizzy, 15, is an accomplished and temperamental musician, actively involved in producing her own melodramas.

Maria, 13, is a sweet girl who has recently discovered in herself a tendency to do exactly the opposite of what she’s told. She is striving to develop this in creative and original ways!

As we cluster about the fire sipping hot cocoa and nibbling Christmas cookies made from a cake mix, know that we dream of peace and joy this Christmas season … and how hot our Christmas photo would look if we actually took one.

Happy Holidays and Blessed New Year!


~ by stultiloquence on December 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dear Friends:”

  1. My sister AmyGrace, 13, just air-fived Maria. She would like to exchange disobedient schemes [her words] via email.

  2. I love your family.

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