My Traditional Travel Tale

I’m the traveler who forgets her luggage and has to turn back on the way to the airport. I’m the girl kneeling at the check-in counter shuffling all her unmentionables to get her suitcases the right weight, the girl who loses her ID between the check-in counter and security line, the type with suspicious shoes and possibly deadly 4 oz. shampoo. I’ve slept in transient hotels, I have almost wrecked rental cars, and I’ve overslept before flights.

But this year was different. I was the capable, self-possessed traveler who woke at 5:00 AM, took a taxi to Grand Central Station, rode a shuttle to LaGuardia Airport, strode to the front of the check-in line and discovered that there was “No Reservation for A. ____.” Then I became the traveler calling her mother at 5:00 (mom’s time) to find out if I had only imagined I’d booked a flight home, and then I became the traveler desperately asking a skycap the fastest way to get from LaGuardia to JFK Airport.

It’s inexcusable to mix up my airports, but God overlooked it this time and I still made it home. What else could go wrong, besides of course mixing up my carry-on with a terrorist’s?

When I fly back, I’ll let you know.


~ by stultiloquence on December 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “My Traditional Travel Tale”

  1. A friend of mine was flying through New York once and was changing airlines. Unfortunately, the other airline was at the other airport.

  2. Oh. Honey.

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