Truth and Goodness vs. Hotness

I woke up late today, and it was one of those awkward in-between lates where you can still get to class on time but if you do you will look like a train-wrecked bum. The kind of late that makes you stop and evaluate what’s important to you. Do you want to imbibe from the wellsprings of knowledge and revel in the glories of learning? Or do you want to look hott?

To further complicate matters, it was the kind of awkward in-between late where, if you wish, you can not look like a train-wrecked bum but only if you sidle in a tiny twenty minutes late. The kind of late where you walk in and all of the academic prigs glare at you and say, “You not only walked in as we were glutting ourselves in the well-springs of knowledge, you walked in wearing makeup. If you really cared about the glories of learning you would have arisen at sunrise and walked in without brushing your teeth. Like we did.”

Well I have my priorities straight. So I blow-dried my hair and sipped coffee at my dining room table while my German class struggled through, “Wie heisst du?” and “Was ist das Wetter?” And I composed this blog in my head while I was supposed to be taking notes in my next class. Because I believe with all my Plato-loving Hillsdale heart not just in Truth and in Goodness but in Beauty. And because I always firmly hold that, despite the digs of academic prigs, Hotness always wins.


~ by stultiloquence on September 26, 2006.

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